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Welcome to Alberta's mountain pine beetle site.

Mountain pine beetles pose a serious threat to Alberta's forests.

Mountain pine beetles are attacking the province's pine trees. Left unmanaged, MPB could devastate Alberta's pine forests and spread eastward across Canada's boreal region.

Here you will find information on everything from beetle biology to what is being done to manage the infestation in the province.

Beetle Fact

The mountain pine beetle is a member of the bark beetle family and is the most damaging insect pest of pine trees in western North America. More about MPB

Crews conduct R-Value surveys at sites across the province to determine beetle overwinter survival rates.
Mountain pine beetle infested trees are cut and burned to kill the beetles living underneath the bark. Infested trees must be controlled before June 15 to ensure the beetles do not emerge and fly on to infest other healthy pine trees.
If successfully attacked, tree foliage will change colour from green to yellow in the first few months. This will be followed by bright red, brown and eventually grey.